Sree Maatha Lalitha Parameshwari Temple

“Suvarnamukhi Samskruti Dhama” is the abode of Mother “Sree Maatha Lalitha Parameshwari Devi”. Bhumi Puja was performed on the Vijayadashami day(24.10.2012) for construction of Sree Maatha Lalitha Parameshwari Temple-a three storied multi-purpose tower with a spiritual seminar hall at the base and garbha gruha for Sree Maathas at the middle and a pyramidal dhyana mandira at the top.

Adishakti Kendra

The idea of a Divine Devi temple was envisioned by Smt. Renuka Nagaraju in 2013. The main Deity of the temple is Matha Lalitha Parameshwari, the highest aspect of Goddess Adi Parashakti and the embodiment of the powers of creation, protection, and destruction. The other Divinities of the temple include Mother Saraswathi, Mother Lakshmi, Lord Dattareya, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Shiva.
Priest Nagaraj Bhatt

Temple Hours

9-1 pm
5-8 pm

Darshan & Karpura Arathi

9am, 12pm, 6pm, 8pm


Tuesdays & Fridays

Daily Prayers and Bhajans for students & devotees

6 -7:30 pm
For Special Occasions & Birthdays, Archana can be performed in your name.Please contact Guest services

Dhyana Kendra

Meditation Pyramid

From ancient times, pyramids represent the very best of sacred geometry. A most stable and beautiful structure comprised of a square base and four equal triangular faces that meet at a point forming an apex, pyramids are known to be the best conductors of information energy. Spiritual scientist claim that doing meditation in a pyramidal structure elicits electromagnetic and chemical reactions to activate every cell in our body to full potential, helping us to experience the highest level of Cosmic Energy.
Thus, to create the ideal setting for meditation and to achieve that ultimate quiet state of mind, Dr. Nagaraju & Smt.Renuka were assured that a pyramid shaped structure would be best. After consultation with Sri Brahmarishi Patriji, the founder of the world’s largest Meditation center in Pyramid Valley, a lovely Pyramid structure was erected on the top floor of the temple building. The pyramid can accommodate up to 100 devotees at a time for meditation.


6am to 8pm


Religious and Educational discourses, dance & musical performances, as well as special presentations take place in the auditorium, regularly, and are open to all visitors. Please see the calendar for on-going activities.
The auditorium is rented out, occasionally, to groups for conducting private religious or spiritual events.