Athri Nilaya

Guest House

The 54 room guest house on the Ashram campus is a spacious and comfortable place for visitors to spend the night, or rest during the day. Each of the individual rooms are with attached bathrooms and can accommodate up to 4 people. Please call in advance to book a room. Upon your arrival to the ashram, please visit the Guest Services building to give a Rs 500 refundable deposit and receive a key to your room.

Guest Charges

  • In a Room Per Person Per Person
  • Single Rs 1200/day Rs 7200/week
  • Double Rs 600/day Rs 3600/week
  • Triple Rs 400/day Rs 2400/week
  • Quad Rs 300/day Rs 1800/week

Room charges include bedding and linens. Guests are invited to all Vegetarian meals for the day, and participation in all activities taking place in the Ashram.

Importantly, please note that these charges help to maintain cleanliness and utilities of the room. Rooms are maintained by guests for the duration of their stay, and will be professionally cleaned after vacancy.

Annapoorna Kshetra

Dining Hall

Vegetarian Meals served

  • Tea 6-7:30am
  • Breakfast 8-9:30am
  • Lunch 12:30-2pm
  • Afternoon Tea & Snacks 4:30-5pm
  • Dinner 7-8:30pm

If you would be visiting the Ashram with a large group (10 or more), please contact the Guest Services, so that adequate preparations can be made. Devotees are invited to sponsor a meal for any special occasion. If interested, please visit the donations tab and specify the event.



The Dhama library houses a vast selection of Hindu scriptures and books on Vedanta in Kannada, Sanskrit,and English.

Gently used books to support the education of Ashram students is always accepted.

Library Timings


Goshala & Agriculture

An important goal of the Dhama is to create a self-sustaining community, wherein we can produce and provide the necessary food and nutrition for our residents and visitors.

Sasyaveda or Science of Agriculture

In order to grow a wide range of crops and essential fruits & vegetables, SSD has leveled over 5 acres of land for agriculture. It is a blessing to eat the fruits of our own labor, after a successful harvest season. Eventually, the Dhama plans to create an Ayurvedic garden with medicinal herbs and plants for self-care and for use in Naturopathic healing.

Goshala or Cow Shed

SSD delights in the care and housing of the sacred mother cows. With about 120 students living on campus in the near future, the healthy cows should be able to provide sufficient milk, ghee, and yogurt for our residents and daily visitors.

Sakhyam SamVaha

Friendship Park (Near future)

While visiting the Ashram, devotees of all ages can spend time in recreation and relaxation. Enjoy the beauty of the park with clean grounds and fun playground equipment for different levels of student activities.


8am -8pm


Peace Path (Near Future)

A 5 kilometer path has been created around the Ashram premise for students and devotees to stroll during their stay. Along the path, observe the sanctity of nature, the flowing waters of the Suvarnamukhi River, and enjoy sitting in the sacred spots for contemplation.


6am -6pm

Annual Dhama 5K Run
On Hanuman Jayanti
Rs.500 per participant
Proceeds will go to development of Athletic grounds for Ashram students